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A person (most likely a man) that sits in his front yard or garage and preaches about God. You may see him with a guitar.
That man right there is a PORCH PREACHER.
by rewrew July 31, 2009
A man that is married to your mother. A wall may have more personality than he. Does nothing to bring you up but everything to make you feel like crap. He thinks you listen to him, when in reality you couldn't give a care what he is saying. His words are of no value, however, he would beg to differ. He thinks he is the most helpful, amazing, sexiest man alive when we all know he's nothing but a porch swinging liquor pig. Your mother does not even like him and he may just so happen to be a mantinence man at your school. Do not feel bad when you have the erge to throw something at him, smack him, kill him, or not listen to him. There are many other people out there like you!
YEs, that is my step dad.
by rewrew August 12, 2009
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