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1) Slang term for Minneapolis, MN due to the high number of Somali immigrants.

2) Describes the many cultural activities, restaurants, and the Somali mall in South Minneapolis.

3) The nickname for the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis.
You even buy Halal meat in Somaliapolis.
by revrock February 23, 2011
A combination of Illinois and Minnesota. Refers to the culture and background of people who have moved from Illinois to Minnesota but still have roots and family in Illinois.

It is a term of endearment and respect.
Commonly heard in urban areas of the Twin Cities, Chicago, and Gary, Indiana.
How long have you stayed in Illisota?
by revrock February 22, 2011
A mixture of whiskey and rock candy stored in a mason jar and used for medicinal purposes, especially in Appalachian states.
My Great-grandpa takes one tablespoon of fiddity every morning even though he is a teetotaler.
by REVROCK April 04, 2011
Spending time in the Hennepin County jail in Minneapolis, MN. So named for the fact that the jail is located underneath the courthouse building which features a clock tower. The clock tower is also a well known Minneapolis landmark.
How much time did you spend under the clock?
by revrock May 06, 2011
Nickname for a handgun bullet.... In other words the cost of solving any problem. So named for the the price of a good bullet.
I reckon all we need to resolve this issue is a 37 cent solution.
by REVROCK April 27, 2011

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