27 definitions by reuel titus

New words coined by the psychotic.
Pardon my apparent neologisms, they are colloquial terms I learned from my father.
by Reuel Titus October 21, 2003
Black Trench Coat, i.e. Columbine Trench Coat Mafia wanna be.
I know there is another abbreviation for BTC but I'm not hip enough to know what it is.
by Reuel Titus October 20, 2003
n (India) usually in combination: person in charge of or employed at a particular thing; "a kitchen wallah"; "the book wallah"
Definition plagierized from WordNet
by Reuel Titus October 17, 2003
\Wal"lah\, n. (Zo"ol.)
A black variety of the jaguar; -- called also {tapir tiger}.
Written also {walla}.

Definition from presumably public domain Webster's 1913 dictionary
by Reuel Titus October 17, 2003
Abbreviation: Contemporary Christian Rock, occasionally deraugatory
CCR music can present the Word just as well as old time Southern Gospel.

The search phrase "CCR Contemporary Christian Rock" did not result in any relevant results from Google.com (2003/10/10)
by Reuel Titus October 10, 2003
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