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adverb - in a celebratory, pachydermic manner.
Loopin held up the camera triumelephantly. “The lens may be ruined but the tape is still there!”
by retard girl January 23, 2007
The first album by the grunge band Hole, released in 1991.
Pretty on the Inside is known for its raw, ansty sound.
by retard girl December 06, 2006
1. Noun (common)- a very, very dumb person.
2. Verb- when someone does something very, very dumb.
3. Adjective- describes something that is very, very dumb.
1. Square A is a tandy.
2. Square A tandies.
3. That horribly-written piece of literature is tandy to the extreme.
by retard girl December 06, 2006

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