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Something that men use to increase sexual pleasure and the ability to achieve an erection.
Viagra overdosing can cause a great pain in the penis for days before it starts to crack and fall off, like an old statue.
by Republican Nazi October 03, 2003
So, you have a fetish for cats, eh?
"Here comes Evil Tim! Get the anal-lube quickly so he can purchase it fast and get the hell outta here before he rapes my cat!" - Chemist
by Republican Nazi October 04, 2003
Something you say to a group of people you don't like.
Listen up, shit-heads! Republican Nazi will grill your asses five times over with a grill and a spatula.
by Republican Nazi September 07, 2003
A retard who loves trees (tree hugger)
The treetard loves his vegetables
by Republican Nazi July 24, 2003
fencing champion of the 2001 olympics
yum yum pigs bum xmas pudding
by Republican Nazi June 29, 2003
I can run fast, why is their no praise towards me?
Because I'm an idiot, that's why.

Hm, this definition needs more insults.

Fuck Evil Tim, he grasps cock and inhales it.
by Republican Nazi October 04, 2003
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