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Tha king!
"Those White Lines"
by renos April 05, 2004
Capital of Wales...home of the mighty Bluebirds...A great place to live, (except Ely) Fitzlan is the place to be lol...growimg up in cardiff consists mainly of Cider and throwing up by trees...BARFLY RULEZ BTW as does emporium (Bullet Proof - crazy)
"You are my CARDIFF, my only CARDIFF..."
by renos April 05, 2004
Possibly the best school in Cardiff, not sayin much but wotever ... Home of the one and only Dr Latif and where the ever popular Mrs Woodberry gets her kicks! Fuck Corpus Christi - Pure, bare muppets and that!
"Fitzalan!? ..... bare gangsters there!"
by renos April 05, 2004
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