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1. Short for crazy psycho bitch. A girl who is the essence of crazy, psycho, and bitch all in one.
person one: That girl is like crazy.
person two: She's freaking psycho.
person three:Not to mention how big a bitch she is.
person four: She's a certified CPB.
by reneworleans January 15, 2009
a very very bad joke that nobody laughs at so the person who said it stands there looking like an idiot. it seems like crickets were just waiting to chirp for it.
stupid joker:knock knock!
me: who's there?
stupid joker: who!
me: um.. who who?
stupid joker: no silly owls say hoot!
me: oh my god. that was such a horrible joke. a definite cricket caller.
by reneworleans January 15, 2009
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