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An all-male party where all invited guests dress like Star Wars or Halo characters. The events are as follows

i) A series of dances commence: decor includes a disco ball, flashing lights and some accessories include anal probes and massive 13 inch double headed throbbing dildos

ii) techo music such as Darude - Sandstorm is played

iii) a large amount of fellatio ensues followed by several bouts of kfc knobing

iv) the fat host whose initials are generally J.S. or C.S. will begin to complain about how none of his writers for the banner are submitting articles on time

v) everyone will ejaculate (bukkake style) on the host until he shuts his KFC knobing mouth
1. jon's oltys brother was going to throw a star wars party but he decided not to since he didn't have the appropriate costumes

2. Jon renegade began to crave anonymous kfc knobing action and began to throw a star wars party in order to get some hot action/chicken

3. Jon invited his mom into the backroom and they went kfc knobing together in preparation for the impending star wars party

4. Jon dressed like the master chief from Halo and swallowed 11 cum shots and his shirt became a cum shirt
by renegayd April 26, 2006

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