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vibrator, dildos, fake pussy, or something like that.
U sure do have alot of adult toys.
by ren walkero September 18, 2008
A funny sounding name.
Essay McGee, are you present, Essay McGee.

Whats up Essay Mcgee.
by Ren Walkero September 17, 2008
The jokeful saying of the old song Duke of Earl that was made in the
1950's I think

Dook Dook Dook Dookie Twirl, dook dook dookie twirl, dook dook dookie twirl dook dook, oh I was the dookie twirl....................
by ren walkero September 14, 2008
Woman or girl that is a slack looser, a hoe, or just trash, no bath or shower, smells nasty, no makeup.
NiggaEarl: It sure is a nice day today.

Lil'Don: Yep it sure is, except, whats that smell.

Jon-JonJohnson: I think its your meat, man, your meat stinks.

RayRay: Naw its that skank legged bitch over there. Man she's a nasty hoe.

RobertRoberts: No thats u, u nadd sniffing troll.
by Ren Walkero September 13, 2008
a person who eats the fat off of a steak or peice ov pork.
a person who eats alot of food.
or just eats fat.
or juts a fat assed hog.
Maan, u sure are a fatmunch, u ate everythin in the house, fatass .hog
by ren walkero September 23, 2008
someone with a flat ass.
Maan she really does have a great set of ass pancakes, shez flat.
by ren walkero September 25, 2008
a person who looses weight.
U sure did loose that weight, u r a fatknocker maan.
by ren walkero September 23, 2008
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