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A really great thing or person.
Man that movie last night was pure Remo.
by Remo September 28, 2003
An area in south wales called Newport
Newport in Gwent in Wales in the UK
by remo November 02, 2003
A startup, dedicated, original, entertaining, loud, fast rock group that you either love or are jealous of. Give 'em a chance, man! These guys flat out rock! They're practicing all the time so that you can party more! Check out their CD, and don't forget your mosh gear (there, you've been warned). Out.
Lets go see HoBo Amp this Saturday!
by Remo January 06, 2004
a person who is a little on the joker side....a fool or a just a stupid cunt
Jac Randal
by remo November 02, 2003
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