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1) Acronym. Stands for "Fuck My Life". Used liberally in posts on social networking sites, instant messages, and text messages. Generally used as shorthand for "nothing is going right in my life" or "my life sucks".

2) Name/Song Title. "FML" is the name of a song by popular electronic music artist deadmau5. FML is track one off the album entitled "For Lack of a Better Name" released in 2009.
When I saw deadmau5 perform FML live my ears ejaculated!
by Rellik Uzi August 08, 2010
An extremely popular electronic music producer and performer. He is Canadian born and is currently based out of Toronto. According to various sources deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) was the 6th most popular "DJ" in 2009.

Technically deadmau5 is not a disk jockey as he performs his tracks semi-live using the program Ableton Live and various gadgets that are not disks, and he does not ride race horses. Therefore neither the words "disk" or "jockey" have anything to do with what he does with music.

Some of deadmau5's more popular songs include "Ghosts n Stuff", "The Reward is Cheese", and "FML"
I can't wait to go to the deadmau5 show!
by Rellik Uzi August 12, 2010
Deadmau5...is not a mouse as most would believe, but a super hot guy from Canada named Joel.

He wears a mouse mask that covers his entire head, making him look like a dead mouse who plays electronic music, and at times, collapses on stage, causing mass destruction and potential electrocution.
Oh my god! Deadmau5 isn't a mouse?? I never knew that!! I always thought he was a small woodland creature!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
1) A popular girl's name.

2) A slang term to refer to LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). The term "Lucy" comes from the song by the Beatles "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" which is commonly thought to be about LSD.

Lucy is often used as a code word for LSD when referring to the drug in a public setting or over the phone where one does not want to openly discuss illegal activities.

Lucy is used like a person's name in such discussions. Like saying "Lucy took me on a trip last night" to indicate you tripped on LSD the previous night.
I tripped balls with Lucy last weekend!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
An extremely addictive opiate that is the primary ingredient in Taco Bell burritos. This is why after consuming a burrito from Taco Bell one often enters a pleasant dream-like state and may have the strong urge to take a nap.
Wow that was an awesome burrito, I think they put a little extra heroin in that one!
by Rellik Uzi August 18, 2010
Acronym for "Kill Me Now". Used commonly in IMs, text messages, and on social networking sites. Indicates life is not going well and the person feels they would be better off dead.
I'm addicted to heroin, lost my job, my mom just died, I'm too much of a pussy to commit suicide, someone just please KMN!
by Rellik Uzi August 13, 2010
A German comedian that stars in many Youtube videos, often speaks to cats via the telephone, plans raves, is a fan of deadmau5 and even made a pink mau5head that was sadly destroyed by the Russians. He was even featured in the popular game show Jeopardy where he was thoroughly beaten by Hermann Fegelein. An avid soccer fan, he tried out for the German World Cup team but sadly his skills were not up to par.
Adolf Hitler is funny in.. oh... I mean AS hell! haha
by Rellik Uzi August 27, 2010
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