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2 definitions by regular person

I have 3 words that describe Eastchester in a nutshell:sluts and guidos.
Eastchester is a pretty small town where people hang out after school at Dunkin Donuts drinking coolatas and in the summer walking around Lake Isle, the pool. I live in the small part of Eastchester by Tuckahoe Schools, and everyone there is friendly and no one tries to be a bitch or a guido. But once you get close to Eastchester High and Middle School all you see are popped collars galore. The girls dress as if their walking around in underwear and I know some guys are drooling listening to this now, but don't. If your a genuine good guy don't get into these groups of guys and girls. I have to admit some people there are nice, yet most of the population at this school are not. They wear skimpy outfits that leave nothing to the imagination and either have their hair perfectly straight of scrunched with about a gallon of gel and hairspray. The boys there are mostly all guidos. Except for the skaters and normal guys, every boy has a fancy car and his hair gelled high. Although they call thenselves "g's" and the "n" word, they are far from it when you hear the blasting rap music coming out of their BMW.
1)Eastchester boys:"We're GANGSTAASS"

by regular person August 05, 2007
Bronxville: a town full of snotty rich people who have their noses up to the sky every chance they get. They usually hang out at a local country club in Bronxville Manor (in Eastchester). They usually carry a buch of bags from designer stores and Juicy Couture purses. Daddy's money buys them happiness and although the town looks nice and the houses are huge, the people who live in this area are airheads and have egos bigger than their Hamptons summer house. I've met and hung out with some of these people and became stupider by the minute. They believe that Tuckahoe is the "ghetto" and that they are better than all of the towns surrounding them. I have a tip for you honeys, you're not all that great.
1)- Oh look at that Bronxville girl walking down Palmer Ave.
- I know why is her neck perched so high?
2) Typical Bronxville girl saying "Daddy, I want MORE!!"
3) Typical Bronxville boy saying "Lets buy a sports team for christmas daddy"
by regular person August 05, 2007