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Cascading Style Sheets. An extension to HTML which are most often used to set default styles so that the equivalent HTML code does not need to be retyped. It is also used for its method of positioning- items can be set above others and screen-proportional settings don't apply. Among the tags that were deprecated in favour of CSS is the famous FONT tag, but it is so useful it will never be completely written out. Interesting, CSS does not set font sizes by HTML standards (1 to 7) but as pixel-based sizes, like those used in word processors. CSS can be specified in the HTML code itself in the head tag, or linked to from a separate file - a remote style sheet. As well as these to methods, a single element can be specified with CSS styles by using the 'style' attribute in the tag. This only affects the tag the attribute is used in that one time. As far as I am aware, CSS is the only way to set a division to overflow.
The structure of CSS is similar to that of HTML, except triangular brackets are replaced with 'squiggly' parenthesis - "{" and "}". The tag itself is outside of the brackets, however, unlike HTML. The equals-sign is replaced with a colon, and quotes are implied until a semi-colon. Attributes must be ended with a semi-colon, therefore.
"That's some fancy CSS..."
by regs_ March 19, 2005
A soft drink that seems to have conquered the world, originally used as a toilet cleaner and, apparently, a headache cure. Name derives from the fact it originally contained a form of cocaine, and may very well still do.
"... And a cola."
"Sorry, no cola. Only pepsi."
"Only pepsi. Will that do?"
"No, of course not, damn it! Get me a cola!"
"But there-"
"Get. Me. A. Cola."
"... Yes sir."
by regs_ June 03, 2005
A dialect replacing numerous words with phrases that rhyme with the desired outcome, e.g. Dog and Bone = Phone, Trouble and Strife = Wife, Horse and Carriage = Marrage.
Stems from an area in London.
See Also: rhyming slang
Anyway, I was going off to my Pope in Rome, when the old Trouble and Strife's only gone and left the Horse and Carriage and Cat and Mouse and left me a message next to the Dog and Bone on an Alexander the Great up the Apples and Pairs. She's gone of with another fella with a lot of Poppy Red. Made me so Hit List, you know? So I gos and gets meself a Pigs Ear. Not bothered really, just she dragged her huge Kingdom Come off with my Sue Rider!
by regs_ October 28, 2004
The single most logical phrase in the entire galaxy. Coined by Douglas Adams it is found in large friendly letters on the front of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
My house as been struck by lightning WITH ME FIXING THE ARIEL for the THIRD time in a row, and my boss has just fired me from my job with brilliant prospects because I had to come in wearing bandages and with crazy sticking-up hair, and your telling me NOT TO PANIC?
by regs_ October 28, 2004
1: The English form of the German diskette.
2.An archaic storage medium. It stores computerised data magnetically, and the common 3 1/2 inch disk can store 1.44 Megabytes of information (AKA practically nothing). The even older 5 1/4 inch disk is (thankfully) no longer heard of.
They are subject to extreme amounts of murphy's law as they will always be full when needed, will always require formatting when it contains the only copy of any important document/christmas card list.
Hello floppy disk, bye bye sanity.
by regs_ October 28, 2004
IN THEORY: Light speed is the rate of travel of light in an un-interupted vacuum. Exactly 299,792,458 metres per second (m/s), where metre is difined by 1983 Systeme International (SI) as "The length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/299 792 458 of a second.". The theory of realitivity describes light speed as impassible in rate of travel, but this is based on the fact it hasn't been done yet *rolls eyes*.

However, Light Speed is acctually better told as such: The speed of light is the commonly used interval of time it takes for the green light to turn amber on a traffic light in South Essex, UK, or the time it takes for a traffic warden to travel from the end of the street to the parking spaces to give you a ticket as soon as you pull in.
Light speed is roughly equal to the speed light travels.
by regs_ October 27, 2004
Stands for 'Display Picture'. Used in chat programmes- generally IMs such as MSN.
"Like your d/p."
"Yeah, I thought about going with tights, but stockings were cheaper."
by regs_ February 20, 2005

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