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Brentwood aka Bluntwood; the most hardcore lil town in central Long Island. The town actually has black people in it unlike Holbrook and Coram and shitty ass wigger towns.
If you want to live in a suburb instead of the city and you dont want to be around all white people, then move to Brentwood (Bluntwood) but hurry the highschool is PACKED!
by Reggaetonist October 25, 2004
From lightest to darkest...

Albino: No pigment, very very pale.

White: The average Caucasion.

Yellow: The average Asian.

Olive: Mediterannean/Middle-Eastern/Latino, a light tan.

Brown: The average Mexican.

Black: The average Negro.

Burnt: A very dark Negro.
Albino: Amy Lee
White: Britney Spears
Yellow: Lucy Liu
Olive: Jessica Alba
Brown: Jennifer Lopez
Black: Bill Cosby
Burnt: Mr. T
by Reggaetonist November 03, 2004
There are 3 parts of NY state, here they are as simple as posible...

1) "The City" - Location: The 5 bouroghs - Whats There: Extremly urban, alot of history, and pretty dirty.

2) "Long Island" - Location: Anything on the island east of Queens. - Whats There: The further west you go, the more it looks like Queens, the more east you go, the more suburban it gets. Very clean and not much crime.

3) "Upstate" - Location: Anything north of the Bronx, weather it be 10 ft or 100 miles. - Whats There: Starts out urban/suburban above the Bronx. As you go north, it becomes extremly rural with farms, mountains, hill-billys, woodstock concerts, and nuclear testing sites.
Im not against any part of NY, ive lived in all 3 locations. Its all simply the truth...
by Reggaetonist December 09, 2004
Fake shit made by man. What people dont understand is that humans dont have souls, humans are simply creatures that started out as bacteria. Over TRILLIONS (even more) of years bacteria has evolved, which is how our planet and people and trees and dirt and dogs ect are here today. Now you may ask, "then why is there religions", well, people need to be tricked into "being civilized and follow a set of rules, or else...". The "or else" part is usually going to hell. The rules/commandments usually concist of "No killing" "No sex before marrage" "No stealing" ect, and if the rules arent followed, they tell you that after you die, you will spent the rest of eternity in a scary forsaken place called HELL, and if you follow the rules, after you die you will spend the rest of eternity in a peacefull loving place called HEAVEN...not true, when the human body shuts down, thats it, youre in a dead sleep, blanked out forever.
Imagine how boring it must be to be dead.
by Reggaetonist December 01, 2004
A mansion owned by a pimp. Similar to the one in 50-Cent's P.I.M.P. video.
I burned down the pimple.
by Reggaetonist October 22, 2004
A game series created by rockstar games. The first and second GTA games are for playstation, dreamcast, and Gameboy Advance. The better of the series is GTA3 and later.

GTA3 takes place at Liberty City in 1997. Liberty City is New York in our world.

GTA4 takes place at Vice City in 1986. Vice City is Miami in our world.

GTA5 takes place at San Andreas in 1992. San Andreas is Los Angeles in our world.

In GTA 4 and 5, they named it "Vice City" and "San Andreas" instead of 4 and 5, I guess it sells better like that.
GTA6 comes out october 2005.
by Reggaetonist December 28, 2004
Born "Christina Agler", but then changed her name to "Christina Aguilera" before the release of her first album. She always wanted to be the ghetto latina slut she is today, but the record company wouldnt let her. So she changed her lastname to a Spanish name, she got a fake tan, sluttly clothes, and urban ghetto music.
Will someone please tell Christina Agler that she is a red-neck white-girl.
by Reggaetonist November 12, 2004

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