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A simple acronym representing the phrase 'Horny Over Hitler' describing a person who becomes easily sexually charged at any point.
Well Scott, I saw you got quite into it yourself. You're h.o.h all the time...
by Reggae Mother August 02, 2010
Someone who is partly ginger.
'I had an Irish girlfriend once.'
'Oh yeah, how was she?'
'Pretty good, but she was a tinger, so I wasn't sure how to deal with the awkwardness of her hair style.'
by reggae mother December 22, 2010
A thing that is pre indie. It came before indie became a mainstream word, back when life was easy and not everyone had heard of The Kinks.
Two young men in a room, quietly sipping vintage rum whilst revelling in the calming breeze oozing through the window

1: Dude, I dunno if you heard of this way prindie band...

1 looks away in a way that suggested he had something to hide, a deep, powerful secret that would shatter both men's lives in an instant.

2: What are they called?

1 looks back, suddenly enthused to find 2 there before him, a man he had often seen but ever truly looked for. He kew he had found his love, his one true friend in life.

1: Oh, well that's what makes them prindie, I think they were too obscure to be remembered....
by Reggae Mother April 21, 2011
The act of becoming the person on the top left of your facebook 'Who's Online' display, hence the person you speak to most on the social network site.
'Me and Miranda have been talking on fb for weeks, I think she's taking the top left!'
by Reggae Mother May 25, 2011

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