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portable toilets , outhouse
"man i gotta take a shit , ill go in that mexican gazebo
by regal November 04, 2003
knocking someone out for nothing,free,
pilla is a pillow.like taking a nap etc.
"keep messin wit me and i finna give you a pilla on da house,fool."
by regal October 23, 2003
Jerk of a man. Creep. Dumb baby's dad
Me and bozwak are going out of town this weekend.
by regal September 11, 2004
Troy's love pudding,
Love Dressing
Troy loves to provide Manch dressing to all the ladies.
by regal September 11, 2004
To take another persons seat.
After Jim got up, Pablo foomped him. "foomp"
by Regal October 23, 2003
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