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Means - 'with you did you'
"You didn't bring you chainsaw, Witchadidya?"
by Reg October 17, 2003
Means 'since you were(was)'
A man may say to his wife while observing the television:
"sintchous up . . . get me a beer"
by Reg October 17, 2003
A common reply to "Jeet-yet?"
It means "You want to"
Bill: I'm hungry . . . . Jeet-yet ??
D'arcy: Naaaah, Yamto ?
(very redneck)
by Reg October 17, 2003
1) A type of meat
2)A park view sixth form term for pencil case
1) "i'm eating beef"
2) "Raj get off my beef"
"Just a minute while i get my beef out!"
by Reg February 04, 2005
The part of Eric's basement where all of his mom's junk goes. (she's a junk collector)
Another fuckin' dancing bear lamp that doesn't work?!?!? I'm fuckin sick of this shit - throw it in skid-row!
by Reg October 17, 2003
A derogatory term for a person or object.
The equal but opposite of wingus

Commonly used at park view sixth form and often directed towards a certain business teacher
"Stop being a Dingus"
"Mrs X, what a Dingus"
by Reg February 04, 2005
Describes a gun shot, or other stiking act in violence.
I'm gonna Boop dat man in da head.
by Reg October 17, 2003
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