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Yeah, thats what I call a beer.
I want becks, now, suddenly, give me becks
by Reg July 30, 2004
A derogatory term for a person or object.
The equal but opposite of dingus

Commonly used at park view sixth form and often directed towards a stupid person
"Stop being a Wingus"
"Look at that wingus"
by Reg February 05, 2005
The best and cheapest beer ever. Produced in Oettingen (now a days in bocholt), served in a can and usually way to hot for a good beer.
I'd like a Karlsquell, 'cause its 9am and Im still not drunk.
by Reg July 30, 2004
A person or persons who humps farm animals for sport.
Those Welland folks are Pillicks.
by REG February 02, 2004
What my uncle yells to get the stray dogs off the back poarch.
(Dogs are on his back poarch)
by Reg October 17, 2003
One sitting on the tank of his motorcycle, with his legs over the windscreen/front cowl, and then wheelieing.
See stuntlife.com for pictures.
by Reg October 17, 2003
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