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Used to describe an action or statement of particular callousness.
You kicked her out, then made her keep paying half the rent? Damn, that's some cold salad!
by refriedwhiskey March 09, 2009
An expression of disinterest. Usually followed by a number -- the higher the number, the greater the lack of interest -- and, occasionally, a reference to Sulu, the helmsman of the Enterprise.

As this phrase is a reference to the original Star Trek series, it shall be generally understood that 9 represents the highest normal whoop factor. Anything higher indicates an excessive whoop factor -- and, by extension, an extreme lack of interest.
Figure skating on TV? Whoop Factor 9, Sulu!
by refriedwhiskey August 13, 2009
Vomiting after eating a burger (or burgers) at White Castle. Also: Throwing a slider.
Pounding a six-pack and eating at White Castle seemed like a great idea -- until I found myself pitching a slider in the parking lot.
by refriedwhiskey July 23, 2010
Future slang for a really, really, shockingly nasty sex act.
"Dude, if she'll let you be the ham doctor, marry her!"
by refriedwhiskey July 22, 2009

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