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3 definitions by reezydos

I can't understand shit unless you draw me a picture.
You: You see, as active users rise over time, it only benefits us if those users spend money, causing sales volume to rise with it.
Dumb co-worker: I don't think that's right.
You: Here, let me draw you a graph. (draws graph)
Dumb co-worker: Oh, I see. I'm sorry, I'm just really visual.
by reezydos February 04, 2010
to strip or otherwise perform a sexual dance for monetary compensation

In reference to the viral internet story of a first grader's homework that appeared to show the child's mother pole-dancing for tips. The accompanying letter explains to the teacher that the drawing was in fact a deptiction of multiple customers fighting over the last snow shovel at her job at a home improvement store.
I saw Tracy selling shovels last night; I think she does it to pay for college.
by reezydos February 10, 2009
used to refer to something painful/dangerous/regrettable/otherwise negative associated with doing something you have voluntarily chosen to do and therefore implicitly accept the possible risk of.
>John: "Sorry if that round of tequila shots I ordered at the end of the night pushed you over the edge."
>Humberto: "Haha, no biggie. Cost of doing business with you man."

In this case, "doing business" refers to hanging out with John. the "cost" is the risk of getting too drunk because John likes to order tequila shots. Humberto is saying that by voluntarily hanging out with John last night, he implicitly accepted the risk of having a tequila shot served to him that may not have been a good idea but that he, in his intoxicated state, may consume anyways.
by reezydos July 13, 2014