3 definitions by reese loves ringo

some bad insult people use.
good response for it in the example
person A: "SUCK IT!!"
person B: "sorry, my mom told me not to put small things in my mouth *smirk*"
by reese loves ringo April 29, 2010
1. Christofer Drew Ingle's voice.
1. John Lennon.
Example 1:
Person A: -hears Christofer Drew Ingle's amazing voice singing "Love is Our Weapon"- *melts*

Example 2:

Person B: -sees John Lennon- OHMIGOD. YOU... ARE... AMAZING... *melts*
by reese loves ringo June 19, 2010
Person 1: OMFGGG
Person 2: what the hell does that mean?
by reese loves ringo May 04, 2010

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