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the most beautifulest thing ever on earth. this is the type of shit that gives you auto boners, and one look, you WILL jizz your pants. no doubt. she is the most sexiest most hottest fineist guapoest magandaest thing ever. its damn paradise. its more than heaven, if you die, you wish youd wanna go to janine. and this is the shit you wish for when its 11:11. and if you get janine y. you will be the luckiest mother fucker ever in the whole damn world. but then the next day, you will be fucked, because other fools WILL kill you. janine y. is another word for THEE shit. no joke. janine y. is thee best.
damn look at that girl shes so JANINE Y. fuck damn i have a damn boner and i just came. WTF. my moms gonna kill me when she finds sperm on my boxers -_- ima just say its toothpaste =0
by reeeeeechaaaaaard June 07, 2009
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