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Derivation: U.S. Navy slang. An entreaty used by a desperately horny male sailor to get another male sailor to engage in clandestine sexual activity for the purpose of mutual release. Based on the theory that when two guys on a ship with no access to females have sex, they are not gay, but just helping out a shipmate.
HT2 Betz: "Dude, if you jack me off, I'll jack you off."
AO2 Griffin: "No, way, man! That's gay!"
HT2 Betz: "We've been at sea for three months, and we won't see Pearl for another three. I'm just saying help a shipmate out. After all, it's only queer if you're tied to the pier."
AO2 Griffin: "Yeah, I guess you're right. We could go to the chain locker..."
by redwoodempiredev July 10, 2008
derivation: U.S. Navy slang, probably archaic, from the days when combat ships had all-male crews. Refers to a male sailor who provides sexual services (manual, oral, or anal, as the passive participant only) to other male sailors while at sea on a long deployment due to the lack of female companionship. The "sea bitch" providing the services could be seen as either homosexual, or simply horny and driven by circumstances to his role. The recipient of his services would probably be seen as basically straight. See situational homosexualityand it's only queer if you're tied to the pier. Since the advent of females on most combat ships, this traditional role may have largely disappeared. (But see, the submarine service which does not accept females.)
"Dude, we've been on Westpac for four months, and I am so horny I'm going insane. There must be a sea bitch who could help me out."
by redwoodempiredev July 10, 2008
a jury. You, and eleven of your fellow citizens if you've ever served jury duty. Derogatory, may be used by defense or prosecution counsel if you came back with a verdict that went against them.
"The guy had a .15 BAC, hit a parked car, and puked on the officer, but those twelve rocks in a box came back with a "Not Guilty". Can you believe it? I need to do insurance law..."
by redwoodempiredev July 10, 2008
A by-product of receptive anal sex, consisting of a mixture of semen and butt-juices. Upon expulsion, generally into a toilet bowl, it is light-brown and gelatinous in appearance, and is so named because of a resemblance to root-beer flavored gummi bears.
"Dude, thanks, that was awesome, but now I have to excuse myself and make some gummi babies."
by redwoodempiredev July 10, 2008
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