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1 definition by redskin creek

jacked up is used to describe a time framed situation, item, behavior or comment that is wrong, foul, ugly and or damaged. it is the foundational description of understanding that nothing is going to move, go well, work or prosper unless immediate action is taken or the course of behavior changes direction.

candy: who invited that mess to the party? she is so jacked up.
dave: shhhsh! be cool, that's the bosses daughter-i'm dating her.

officer: your friend over there told us you are the owner of the paraphenilia, is that correct?
suspect: man, that is so jacked up, it's his.

shelly: i heard terese's mom is going out with her ex boyfriend sean!
clare: ew! poor teresa, that is so jacked up for her mom to do that!

student one: then the professor said he was cutting my grade for missing five days
student two: you need to take that to the board bro-he is jacked up!

mom: did you get the laundry washed?
son: no, the washer's all jacked up

mark: bro, i lost your keys last night after the party and don't know where your car is.
jeff: dude, you are jacked up, that is so wrong

amber: for real, the only place i could find to get sick was in the hall closet-for real, the bathroom was locked.
monica: amber, for real, that is so jacked up. if i were you i would not tell anyone else. she is still grounded for having the party and wants to know who got her busted for boones farm yak on her mom's linens.

tom: i got her number when he wasn't looking
brandon: man, i told you don't go there- he jacked up the last guy that went after his woman real bad. dude still can't smile right.

driver on phone: my tire is flat and i have my car jacked up without a spare.
tow truck/vehicle repair dispatcher: that's jacked up-we'll send someone right out.
by redskin creek August 04, 2008
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