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The ultimate skank ho. A fat, sloppy female in the worst sense of ugly. Usually packing a front ass and double wide rear. Often seen with insects flying around her crotch. Makes a one eyed, peg legged, homeless female look "hot". Low class bitch who would screw her own dad for a buck.
That swamp sow has nine illegitimate kids and crotch rot to boot!

She is totally skank...a real swamp sow.

I've never seen a woman that nasty! What a swamp sow! Gag!
by redraider70 January 25, 2010
When one's brain has turned to a mass of useless matter, e.g., a loser or retard due to spending too much time blogging and not enough time in the "real" world.
Early signs of "blogger brain" include: feelings of guilt for missing a post, signing in every hour to check for new comments, and forgetting your children's names...
It's useless doctor. I've tried reaching her, but it's as though she's in another dimension. It's as though she is suffering from "blogger brain."

Forget him...he's zoned out with a case of "blogger brain."
by redraider70 January 23, 2010
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