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When in need of a good chunder, to prevent hangover, or create room for more alcohol, stick your fingers down your throat, and as you spew, flap your arms around behind you, creating the amazing effect that your a fire breathing dragon... You may even choose to run around, depending on the length and velocity of said spew.

Need not be a 'tactical' dragon, or even an alcohol induced dragon, whenever u feel the need for a good chunder,, just make sure its a 'dragon'.
Scenario 1 - Kings Cup
Man 1 - "Fuck man, i can't skull that!!"
Man 2 - "just do a tactical dragon and get on with it you pussy'

Scenario 2 - during drinking game, perhaps 'never have i ever'
Jacob - "I think I'm gonna spew"
Everybody 'DRAGON!!!!!!!!" DO A DRAGON'
*jacob spews into a bush, waving arms feebly*
by rednut61 September 15, 2011
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