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Lazy white people that sit on the porch in rocking chairs
John look at those porch honkeys drinking pbr
by redneck101 November 20, 2013
A homeless person takes a dump on the sidewalk and another one pees on it and the one that dropped it picks it up and eats it
Hey joe look at those homeless people doin a Homeless Hot Pocket
by redneck101 November 21, 2013
Eating pizza rolls out a girls vagina
Hey jane look he is doin a rollgina
by redneck101 November 21, 2013
Someone who wears board shorts,cowboy boots,a cowboy hat,and a tank top
Hey joe look at that kmart cowboy over there
by redneck101 November 22, 2013
The act of replacing a truffle with a a piece of poop
Look jimmy he's eating a doody truffle
by redneck101 November 25, 2013
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