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A really great amusement park that is about 5 minutes away from my house.
Person 1: "Have you ridden the Dragster??"

Person 2: "What- you mean the tallest, fastest ride on the planet? Yeah, twice."
by redhedrocker April 29, 2005
A little drum bit that marching band drumlines play.
Whoa, did you see that movie Drumline? They butchered some cadences.....
by redhedrocker September 11, 2005
A term used when describing an extremely attractive Japanese person, depicting not only their striking features, but the coolness that comes with being Japanese. Kind of playing into the whole "trend."
Person 1: "Oh my gosh I love Kenny!"

Person 2: "What's so great about him?"

Person 1: "Um, can you say 'hottness'?? He's Japa-frickin-nese! He's like anime gone wild!!!"
by redhedrocker April 27, 2005
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