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When your sense of smell is under attack by a disgusting, repulsive odor.
Oh man, that chili cheese dog from lunch is on the move. You'd better clear the room, because I'm gonna get olfensive in here.
by redehlert December 31, 2008
For the person just starting out on his or her own. Every card you receive during the holiday season has the potential of ending up decorating your Christmas tree in place of traditional ornaments that you have yet to buy.
"Say! That's a neat tree of lights and cardaments! Looks like you're a popular person."
by redehlert December 19, 2008
An alliterative, PG substitute to "working my ass off".
In short, it's a concerted effort made in order to complete/make/achieve something.
I'll be working my buns to the bones this weekend to get this project done on time.
by redehlert December 10, 2010
When a New Year's Resolution loosens its hold on you, dwindles, then fades away. This can happen at any moment during the year.
"Hey Claire, I thought your New Year's Resolution was sayin' no to eating chocolate. But here you are munchin' chocolate...what gives?"
"Yeah...I was determined but then the New Year's Ebbolution snuck up on me. Want some?"
by redehlert January 09, 2009
An extremely devoted follower of any person, place, thing or subject.
"I just love, love, love soaps!"
"I know, you're a soap lushite!"
by redehlert September 15, 2008
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