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adoption is the practice of one family raising a child born to another family. All parties in the "adoption triad" -- the three groups consisting of the birth parent(s), adoptive parent(s) and adoptee -- are grieving in some way. The baby or young child who is adopted grieves for the loss of their biologic family, and this feeling of isolation and loss can be life-lone, no matter how loving the adoptive family is. The birth parents grieve for the child they gave up (willingly or unwillingly). And the adoptive parents grieve (often for years) over being unable to have children "of their own" before they adopt -- or they think they are "saving" a child from an awful life, and can be quite disappointed if the adopted child is not perfect. visit www.bastardnation.com for more on all sides of the adoption question.
Adoption builds families while at the same time destroying them.
by reddogdallas January 27, 2005

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