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When you are having a dream involving intense sexual content, when all of the sudden your alarm clock goes off and you wake up in the middle of it.
I was banging Meagan Fox in my dream last night, but i was totally clock blocked when my alarm clock went off as I was about to get a blow job.
by redcard101 February 07, 2012
Synonymous for a girl who only talks to you when she and her boyfriend are fighting. Often, they ask to hang out, using provocative gestures, or even flat-out asking for sex. Usually, the male at the other end will start to feel good about himself, and may tell his friends. However, the fight with the boyfriend will only last a day or two, and before you get the opportunity, she won't acknowledge you until the next fight. Males should recognize the pattern and cut ties with the girl as soon as possible to avoid more stress in the future.
Brad: Hey, did you hear about how Kenny and Jen were going to hook-up?

Jim: Yeah dude, but I heard that Jen girl only talks to other guys when she and her boyfriend Rick are fighting.

Brad: Dude I know, Kenny should realize that girl is being such an Alyssa... it's never gonna go his way.
by redcard101 January 09, 2012

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