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A person who its a hassle around; someone who fucking wreaks your head because they won't shut the hell up!

jen allen is hassle loads.

Me: fuck! hassle loads is coming over don't talk to her!

by red_knickers June 16, 2008
slang word for a women whos nipples and areolae resemble a slice of salami.
Me: did u see that girls nipples
friend: yeah, fucking ultimate salamdogs
by red_knickers July 09, 2009
someone who doesnt shut up, waffles all the time. comes from birdseye potato waffles's mascot.
see hassle loads
Me: jen allen wrecks my head, she never shuts up.

Friend: yeah shes a captain birdseye for sure!
by red_knickers January 05, 2010

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