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(adj.) Being too shy to pursue amorous desires.
"I know you like that girl/boy. Why don't you ask her out? You're so torpe!"
by red0217 July 12, 2009
Short for "I Miss And Love You."
Ok bye, Take care, Imaly. :)
by red0217 June 02, 2008
Laughing at something/someone even though it's not funny or you don't get it.

"Di ko gets" or "Hindi ko gets" is the Tag-lish phrase for "I don't get it."

*It's typed in together to add sarcasm that you're 'really laughing.'

*It can also be "HAHAHAIDONTGETIT" if speaking in English.

1: Knock, knock!

2: Who's there?

1: Orange

2: Orange who?

1: Orange you glad I fooled you?

2: What?!

1: ... Aren't you glad I fooled you again?! (laughs)

by red0217 July 10, 2009
Abbreviation of 'obnoxious'
1: Look at her. She's so stupid. She doesn't even know what influenza is!

2: Don't talk like that and stop being so obno!

1: Okay, whatever.
by red0217 October 22, 2009
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