10 definitions by red-eye

its reel good hash.
i had it in valencia.
oye da'me grifa manana
by Red-Eye December 28, 2004
the best MuthafucKin RapPer Outa Tha G-Unit After Young Buck!
hez got a nang rap flo n the manz voice will neva get oLD
oi,u hear dat new trak from game dissin budden?
by Red-Eye December 17, 2004
a fuckin cunt who got dissed the shit out ov by (the best)eminem on trax like "quitter"
and "i remember".
everlast cant fuckin rap 2 save hiz life.
1.i cant believe everlast tried 2 disss eminem
by Red-Eye November 21, 2004
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