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LONDON slang
meanz scared.
oi,dont b prang of dat dick hed
by Red-Eye December 15, 2004
a slang word,mainly used in certain parts in east london.like leyton,where im from.
it means "rock paper scissors"
not ALL teen londoners kno dis tho.
1.ey,bruv less play ching chang walla.
2.we gota ching up 2 see who'll do it.
by Red-Eye November 03, 2004
our own london(uk) slang for silver braceletz!
"fuck,u got sum nang chapz"
by red-eye July 23, 2004
A Fuckin BULLSHIT HyPORCIT GranDad Rapper Who ACTUALY thought he cud kill eminEm Lyrically,haHaHa...He ONLY wantz PubliciTy!

"wot u know bout bein bullyd over 1/2 ur life,OH thatz rite,u shud kno wot thatz like ...UR HALF WHITE!"
"The Sauce" iz 1 of the BEST DisS Songz Ever!
by Red-Eye March 04, 2005
london(uk)slang word 4 "pussy"
1.ur a fuckin fasi!
2.i fucked dat pussy
by red-eye July 23, 2004
THIS iz the ritE meaNin..
BUNk meanz 2 not go 2 skool.
2 skive.
ey,im gona bunk skool 2mora.
by Red-Eye December 16, 2004
it means 5 pound worth weed.
it rhymes wit "fiver"
i jus pickd up a diver,i woz skint.
by Red-Eye November 03, 2004

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