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1 definition by red lips

1. A strange man; accustomed to std's of various sorts, most typically herps. Named so by a condition which creates large purple lips of the face, purple lip's often acquired such a strange attribute from being the victim of parental child abuse, namely strangulation. However, a purple lips can thrive in society living only in the shadows donned in black leather. This condition can often contribute to premature balding, frequent masturbating, and booze induced evenings that more often than not lead to terrible tattooes of no significance. Memory's of those with the purple lip syndrome are often akin to those of stalkers and serial killers; extremely accurate to an eerie point.

2. To insert a male shaft into and out of your mouth slowly until release whilst being strangled.
1. person #1- "have you seen my black leather glove?"

purple lips- "of course! It's in your laundry hamper beneath the sock resting on your boxers"

person #1 - "....thanks??"

"mommy, I saw a purple lips in the alley!"

"we had better call the police dear"

2. "he purple lipsed me until I passed out."
by red lips October 19, 2010