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Raggamuffin reggae is reggae with a hip hop influence. It is more focused on rhythmic sounds and rhyming.
Buju Banton, Tony Rebel, Bounty Killer & Damian Marley (Jr. Gong) are some of my favorite Raggamuffin Reggae artists.
by Red Dog September 07, 2005
1. When you rub cocaine on your gums.

2. When you sniff only a small amount of cocaine.
I just did a phat line, now i'll use the left over dust for a nummer.

i've done a lot of coca, for now i think i'll just do a nummer.
by Red Dog August 01, 2005
When a bowl (of marijuana)is gone.
You: i dursted the bowl.
Friend: You bitch, that was the last of the herb!
by Red Dog August 15, 2005
An herbalist is someone who practices medicine using plants and plant extracts.
My herbalist gave me Colloidal Silver with Oxygen to help moisturize my skin.
by Red Dog August 19, 2005
A foreign car that losers like to put really big tires on and think they are cool.
T ake
O ff
Y our
O versized
T ires
A ss hole
by Red Dog August 17, 2005
When typing in a web address instead of typing www and .com you can just type in the web address and press ctrl+enter and it will automatically put the www. and .com in there for you.
I'm way too lazy to type whole web addresses so i just ctrl+enter it.
by Red Dog August 01, 2005
A pacifier used when on extacy.
Person 1: This extacy is fucking up my jaw!

Person 2: Here, put this chewie chew in your mouth.
by Red Dog August 26, 2005

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