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A horrible car to buy that breaks down all the time.
F ix
I t
A gain
T ony
by Red Dog August 17, 2005
From Greek Mythology, it is a horse that has wings made from the blood of Medusa. The symbol of high-flying imagination. Some say he stroked the ground with his foot and caused the fountain Hippocrene to flow from Mount Helicon.
A winged horse is a pegasus.
by Red Dog August 12, 2005
Damian Marley, Bob Marley's son. Plays Raggamuffin Reggae (Reggae with a Hip Hop influence). Has dreadlocks down to his calves!! Some of the best new age reggae ever.
Still Searching is a really good song sung by Jr. Gong.
by Red Dog August 29, 2005
Lock jaw or tetanus(correct spelling lockjaw) is where your jaw locks in an open position due to your chewing muscles spasming. You can get it by a wound that gets infected with it.
I got bit by a dog and was afraid i met get lockjaw so i had to get a tetanus shot.
by Red Dog July 29, 2005
The worst American made car ever. Always breaks down.
F ucked
O ver
R ebuilt
D odge

F ound
O n
R oad
D ead

F ucked
O n
R ace
D ay

F ucker
O nly
R uns
D ownhill

D river
R eturns
O n
F oot
by Red Dog August 17, 2005
The practice of growing, gathering & using herbs to aid human needs medicinally.
I have had the virus psoriasis since i was 20 (now 24) years old and have tried every type of cream and ointment and i haven't seen any improvement so i decided try herbalism.
by Red Dog August 19, 2005
a sequence of words or syllables that are sung to the same note (monotone).
In the movie What's Love Got to do With it, Tina Turner (Angela Basset) chants.
by Red Dog August 01, 2005
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