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Behavior characterized by a statement that insinuates one’s own awesomeness in an unassuming, detached or even self-deprecating manner - i.e. bragging while trying not to seem like you're bragging.
1. Matt was being so passive-impressive when he told us he felt like a total dipshit after realizing he had spinach in his teeth while he was talking to Colin Kaepernick at that party last night.
2. I hate when people tweet passive-impressive stuff like: “Gosh, I am really dragging ass today after running 30 miles before work."
by recklessdiver February 20, 2013
The point that white people reach – normally in the winter, after an extended period of not tanning – in which their skin color becomes the whitest-white that it can possibly be. "Peak white" is characterized by skin so intensely white that you would swear it'd glow in the dark. Sometimes peak white skin even appears blue because you can see blood vessels beneath it.
Warning: Looking at a naked white girl who's at peak white has been known to cause spontaneous blindness.
by recklessdiver February 13, 2015

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