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The electronic expression of Aspergers syndrome ("e-spergers"). People afflicted by this condition are prone to making awkward and offensive comments on electronic mediums (such as email, forums, chat) on a consistent and predictable basis.
"I was chatting with my friend last night, and when I told him that my mother was in poor health, he made a tasteless comment about her weight. I think he has espergers."

"This guy I know has no filter on what to say and what not to say online. He has espergers."
by rebelionel May 18, 2009
A single mother who is chosen to occupy the maid-of-honor duties of a wedding. It is a combination of matron, which indicates having dignified woman that had children from wedlock, and maid, denoting her status as single, yet still innocent.
"The service for Tara's wedding was beautiful. Ashley was the maid-tron, her little girl was the flower girl and her little boy was the ring bearer. I'm so glad her loser ex-husband is out of the picture."
by rebelionel December 21, 2008
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