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1 definition by rebel life

the rebel flag, also known as the confederate flag, has nothing to do with racism. yes the klan, skin heads, and other white supremeness groups use the flag but they are the ones that gave the flag a bad name.

the flag was originally created to be the battle flag of the C.S.A. after they broke away from the union.

the war everyone knows about about, the civil war, was the main battle where the flag was flown.

the civil war was over alot more than just slavery. fact general lee didnt even own a slave but the northern generals did. fact the south freed their slaves before the north. fact the slaves that were freed joined the confederate army willingly and were proud to fight with us. fact the us flag had more slavery under it than the confederate flag. fact some black people fly the confederate flag too.

there is more to the confederate flag than just what is pro-trade.
look at that redneck and his rebel flag, he must be a racist.

but they dont know he has black friends.
by rebel life October 24, 2011