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Needham is a town that many people judge because it is overall a wealthy town. The stereotypes that everyone is a jock, stoner, or popular jew name only some kids. Overall there are a lot of really chill people who understand their privilege and are totally open to meeting new people and experiencing new things. Every town has the rich bitches and the jocks not just needham. Anyone who says we have a bunch of douchebag jocks is just jealous because Needham is great at sports and has an intense sense of school pride because we pretty much own everyone. Everyone smokes weed everywhere and Needham is just an extension of that. Everyone just chills at McDonalds drunk and high on the weekends. Every bad definition of Needham comes from someone from wellesley because they are our rivals. Haters will hate.
Person 1: Where you from?
Person 2: Needham
Person 1: Oh Damn thats pretty chill.
by realtalk1235 June 09, 2011

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