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3 definitions by realmcmeal

Crack dipped in PCP
"Yo, T's gone"
"Tragic Magic, baby"
by realmcmeal January 16, 2004
A typing language similar to hacker speak where you replace normal letters with their innacurate and altogether fucked up counter parts. Often used in conjunction with Caps Speak, where every second letter is capitalized (example LoL tAhT iS SoOoOoO kYuElL). Unendingly irritating and pointless since you can type out what you're trying to say with regular uncapitalized letters faster and with greater understanding of their meaning.
A typical MSN conversation:
"?Ó?§ §çhÖø£¿"
"Dude, don't use AOL speak..."
by realmcmeal January 16, 2004
The greatest video game of all time is Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES. That's all there is to it.
Oh, biznatch! I just got a hammersuit!!
by realmcmeal January 12, 2004