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What you use to strengthen your arms 12 ounces at a time
Samantha: Hey Joe! Looks like you've been working out. What's your secret?

Joe: I exercise daily using my Schlitz beerbells
by realmccoy420 October 07, 2010
The system used by extremely intelligent people to organize their stuff. It is put into piles and gets sorted as needed.
I couldn't find my student loan application but found it in the "August" section of my piling system.
by realmccoy420 October 28, 2010
The new, politically-correct way to say "Easter Eggs." Coined by an unnamed Seattle area elementary school so people's precious little snowflakes won't be inundated with Christian references for our annual traditions.
1. The children were very disappointed that we went to the park to look for Spring Spheres but only found Easter Eggs.

2. Julie's mom was happy to bring Spring Spheres to the PTA meeting. It was too bad that nobody knew what the hell they were.
by realmccoy420 April 13, 2011
Someone who does not embrace technology or has a hard time working with technological devices including computers, gaming consoles, email, cell phones, DVRs, remote controls, traffic lights...
John owns a Macbook but will only check his email with it. He's completely tech resistant.
by realmccoy420 April 06, 2011
Waiting in line for a Porta Potty, watching the doors open and hoping the next one is going to be yours.
When I play Blue Room Bingo I'm more concerned about who used the Blue Room last, not necessarily when someone comes out.


Where's John? This concert is awesome and he's wanted to see this band for months!

He had to pee so he's playing Blue Room Bingo
by realmccoy420 June 06, 2011

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