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1 definition by realistnigguh

They usually use their friends, wears costas, crosses their legs like a bitch, denies everything, ditches his friends for bitches who use him, are "workout impostor", have red hair, spends money on many unnecessary items, is a total prick to his parents, and drives a plain acura and always talks about future mods he will put on it.
"God that red-haired fuck is such a toolfag. He thinks he is the shit and ditches us all the time to pick up that bitch who uses him in his shitty acura."

"I own a white polo already.....but i'll buy another one"

"Guys i have to go home....I got to take care of some stuff" -Late seen with the bitch who uses him.

"Son you need a haircut. Mom fuck off. Bye!!"
by realistnigguh September 12, 2011