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The offical breeding ground of the human race.
by real rose May 07, 2003
The real reason Strongbad is still being watched by millions and loved by millions. (He is the awesome color of yellow)
All hail the CHEAT
by Real rose May 29, 2003
The only guy in the universe that can type with boxing gloves on his hands. Also famous for creating our good friend Trogdor the burninator.
Strongbad and pompom are going out is the secret words in homestar says.
by Real rose May 29, 2003
a friend to all ever more or about the same as shoel.
Walkiria is my friend.
by Real rose May 12, 2003
The best online video game that hopefully everyone will play.
by real rose May 07, 2003
The color of all nature which big business will buy and destroy.
by real rose May 07, 2003
A awesome dragon maiden who has the super power telekinesis.
I kill at will.
by real rose May 20, 2003

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