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a person who wants to be black, but isn't very good at it
Damn NIEGER can do it right!
by real person May 22, 2004
Dumbest fucking piece of trash on the internet where people would go to get false ideas about everyone and everything around them. Not to be laughed at, it could one day become used seriously and then it's creators would be in serious shit - which I really really really hope comes to pass, you douche bag cunt fucking pieces of shit. And your a fucking idiot if you choose to work there.
Wow that little douche bag cunt bitch is talking about things like she's reading it on urban dictionary, what a pile of shit.
by Real Person April 07, 2013
a straight faggot
stop being such a GAGGOT u fag
by real person May 22, 2004
great and cool put together
the was Grool
by real person May 22, 2004

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