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a person who likes the Dallas Cowboys and dresses in drag, also likes to watch porn all day on his computer while at work, he also plays cames
Look at that motherbastard on the phone
by real deal October 22, 2004
Often shady/sleazy/stupid. Often it's in their best interest that you keep seeing them.. Most are more screwed up than their clients they are supposed to help. Just because a human ape has a couple letters behind their name doesnt mean they stop being an ape.
Beth has a Phd in Psychology. She basically got it by blowing and licking the whole faculty. Just like she did for her Dad/brothers. She has more issues than a 45 year old crackwhore, yet is entrusted with others mental health. Dont trust her, just fuck her thats all shes good for.
by real deal October 23, 2003
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