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1 definition by real azz

a real azz independent classy yet hood female who is down 4 her nigga but only if her nigga down 4 her she can hold her own and don't need help from nobody she don't ride with clicks she solo but fuckz with a few she true 2 her self and respects herself she dont run around talking shit about other people if she got something to say about a person she'll tell you str8 up, she is a real friend but only to the people she feel real, she aint a loud-mouth aint ratchet or trys 2 pop off or nothing but if u start to provoke her she can goin hold her own
That bitch be talkin so much shit about people and she think she bad but she is nothing but a nasty dirty bald hoe she aint no gutta bitch.
by real azz February 23, 2009