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The most amazing school in Orange County.

It is necessary to clear up some things that have been said about Sage one here:

“Snobby” rich students:
Admittedly, there are many "rich" students, but that really doesn't mean that they're all snobby. Most snobby people are the ones who go around bashing Sage's name because their rich parents who buy them Mercedes and BMW's want them to get a good education against their will. So then these people take out their anger by doing everything from posting MySpace bulletins to Urban Dictionary definitions to sabotage Sage’s name. All that can be said is that they represent a very small fraction of the community, and probably should be ignored.

Sage also has a pretty amazing community, where people are generally accepted as they are. However, there are also a few individuals (Sage haters) who like to make it look like Sage is a safe haven for nerds who would otherwise be "beaten up on a daily basis". This is not true. Because at Sage, people don't even get lame-ass labels like "nerd", "jock", or "prep". Because smart, athletic and generally well-balanced people actually do exist, and they go from Sage to Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc. And people in this community actually trust one another enough to leave wallets, purses, i-pods etc lying around. And they can do this and know that when they come back for their stuff minutes or hours later, it’ll still be there.

And yes, it is also true that Sage doesn’t have a track or a pool. But it is barely six years old, and our track team and swim team are great anyway. Another thing worth mentioning is that many other private schools (such as St. Margaret’s) don’t have a track or pool either. It’s pretty obvious that private schools are not funded by the government, and therefore do not always have the necessary funds to build every facility imaginable. And just for the record, Sage has pretty cool chairs (the ones in the library are cushioned and there are sofas too), and recently bought new computers. A lot of them. So stop whining.

The infamous $19,000 tuition
Instead of building tracks and pools for athletic purposes, Sage uses most of the infamous $19,000 of tuition to ensure that students are receiving the best education from the best teachers. Hence the name “tuition”. And if you actually go onto the Sage Hill campus, you will probably find that it is the one of, if not the best high school campuses that you have ever seen. The buildings (and bathrooms) are clean and well-kept, the fields are smooth and have even grass that is mowed every day, the vending machines are always stocked full, there are patio tables and umbrellas on the quad for lunch, sofas in the library and college counseling, radios in the locker rooms…it’s amazing, but sadly, some people concentrate so much on complaining they fail to realize it. Classrooms are small (average of 15/class), and everyone can get individual attention and help from the teacher, and be able to contribute to classroom discussions. That’s where the tuition goes—to ensure good teachers, above anything else, and then to athletics and keeping the school decent.

And people from other schools that come to Sage for games are pretty amazed at what the school is like.

***NOTE: A lot of the negative definitions of Sage have higher ratings because people who have nothing better to do actually go around and use all the school computers and other people's laptops to rate their complaints about Sage.
Person from another school visiting Sage Hill: Man, I can't believe this place it's awesome. You are so lucky to be going here.

You go to Sage Hill? Wow, which Ivy League are you aiming for?

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